Back to School Art Contest

The Yellow Cabinet is having a back to school art contest. Young artists will submit their designs for a shirt for back to school. Here is the info: 

The designs for the shirts are due on July 13th 2015

The designs must be in black and white. Example, drawn with a black sharpie, or black watercolor etc. 

Submit a picture of the photos to

The top three shirts will be shared on my instagram from the 15th-18th. The shirt with the highest votes will win. 

The winner gets their design printed on shirts. They will be pre-order only from July 19th-25th. 

The winner will receive $5 dollars for every shirt ordered, and a free shirt with their design.

This should be super fun for kids! Get your designs in! 

good things start in a garage.

Amazon, Apple, Disney, Harley Davidson, Google, all these businesses and many more started in a garage. My business is making art. I hand draw, paint with gouache watercolors, I screen print and make a huge mess doing it.  Chances are I am not going to end up as a billion dollar company. All I want to do is be brave, work hard, and make art, and be home with my kids. I read a quote that said...

"Whether it’s a garage, a basement, or a dorm room, every business has humble beginnings. It’s not about where you start. Its where you end up"-Nick Tart 

I hope you join me on this crazy adventure, as I document on this blog and on instagram on how this crazy adventure grows. #theyellowcabinet